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  Townsend Cobain Services  

We partner with indviduals, couples and families to invest, grow, preserve and manage the wealth they've built. 

We seek to build long-term relationships with those we partner with.

To become a trusted advisor and part of each client’s life journey.

To share in and enjoy the good times and support and guide them through the more challenging times. 


We believe that the way to stand apart is to always speak the truth and that by doing so, we ensure your financial choices and decisions are informed.


We own and live the results of our work. Our overriding goal being to enable each client to approach life with confidence, secure in the knowledge that their wealth is invested with genuine care and commitment to their best interests.

We guide, advise and support you through the many different stages of life's journey...

  • Personalised financial strategies
  • Asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Cash flow management
  • Asset and investment management 
  • Proactive advice and regular reviews
  • Debt management
  • Financial modelling for control and
    informed decision making
  • Guided by circumstances, needs, objectives

  • Administer strategies and services

  • Review and adjust application

  • Educate and provide advice as a trusted advisor and sounding board

  • Provide clear and simple communication – Plan on a Page

  • Comprehensive estate planning service

  • Personal and family engagement

  • Consider overall position in conjunction with other professionals

  • Project manage implementation

  • Philanthropy solutions

  • Ongoing review

  • Quantify risks to wealth

  • Identify personal insurance options

  • Structure for tax effectiveness

  • Implement protection solutions

  • Review & update strategies

  • Education funding

  • Divorce planning and recovery

  • Redundancy or change of job

  • Business sale

  • Inheritance

  • Financial windfalls

People and relationships are our priority

We’d been financially secure for some time and managing our own investments for a while. We wanted to engage a partner – but finding someone you trust to hand your life savings to is a big thing… 
Eventually, we met Tim. We were attracted to his attitude and approach. We liked the less clients, better service ethos and investment structure and trusted they’d do what’s best by us, rather than by them. 
Eight years on, we know we know we made the right choice. We have a true partner we trust.

Roland & Ginni | Clients since 2014

Call us on 03 9982 1871 to explore the possibilities Townsend Cobain Private Wealth Management offers

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