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 Our Approach 

Clearly defined beliefs and principles guide us in creating relationships built on trust, honesty and integrity. 

Our approach to advice and wealth management is truly personal and personalised.

There are a myriad of different ways your wealth can be invested. We firmly believe that it is only by investing time in getting to know you and understand you, your values, your beliefs, your priorities and your attitudes, that we are able to determine the most appropriate investment strategy and approach for you. 


Our principles, beliefs and goals guide us in doing this.


Do no damage.  Do no damage.

Our number one priority – ensuring you don’t go backwards over time.

Ensure your income needs are met

Protect and prevent you from being in a position where you’re forced to sell.

Achieve realistic and sustainable returns

Target overall returns inline with inflation plus 3% to 6%.

Be a trusted, long term, partner

Genuine care and commitment to your best interests.


Investment success is individual 

All Investment decisions are guided by your goals, circumstances, attitudes, values & priorities 

Volatility creates  opportunity

By being opportunistic and agile in our approach we are able to use volatility to your benefit.

Economic conditions drive performance

Experience, data and agility allow us to take advantage of prevailing economic conditions.

Diversification reduces risk 

We diversify across asset classes, independent managers & direct equities. 


Prioritise you and your wishes

We advise and sometimes challenge you,  but we never forget it is your money!

Be accessible & available always

You're a client, not a customer – honest, open, transparent, personalised and personal. 

Maximise impact & outcomes

Actively manage, efficiently administer and strategically structure your wealth.  

Remain boutique & strategically aligned 

Shared values and alignment of interests allow us to truly put clients first. 

People and relationships are our priority

We’d been financially secure for some time and managing our own investments for a while. We wanted to engage a partner – but finding someone you trust to hand your life savings to is a big thing… 
Eventually, we met Tim. We were attracted to his attitude and approach. We liked the less clients, better service ethos and investment structure and trusted they’d do what’s best by us, rather than by them. 
Eight years on, we know we know we made the right choice. We have a true partner we trust.

Roland & Ginni | Clients since 2014

Call us on 03 9982 1871 to explore the possibilities Townsend Cobain Private Wealth Management offers

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