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Built on the premise that relationships matter and trust is earned, our approach is truly personal and personalised.  

Established in 2013, Townsend Cobain is a privately owned financial advisory practice and investment house that holds its own Australian Financial Services License with ASIC.


Our structure and autonomy allow us to truly partner with clients and provide a holistic service and degree of accountability that is unique and rare in today’s world. It also means that we have the freedom to engage and partner with other best-of-breed, boutique investment managers who share our values, beliefs and principles. 

Care, commitment
and purpose

Metaphorically, we believe in 'marrying'
our clients.  
Committing to the same goals and priorities. Sharing successes. Showing up. Being there through good times and bad. Prioritising their interests. 

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Experience, expertise
and independence

Experience, expertise, intuition and passion are integral to the investment success our clients enjoy. While our size, structure and independence allow us to adapt and act appropriately and decisively.  

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Personal, holistic

Providing long-term strategic financial advice and active wealth investment management, our all-encompassing approach focuses on enabling you to achieve your version financial success and approach life with confidence.


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Passion and Purpose

Our story is characterised by unwavering care and commitment to clients

It was 2001 when Rod and Tim first crossed paths professionally. Sharing a passion for advisory that stemmed from the positive impact their work had on their client's lives, their professional relationship and friendship quickly grew.


Over the coming years, they saw a shift in the financial services industry. Corporatisation, cost-cutting and outsourcing were seeing clients downgraded to customers. Technology was replacing human interactions. Cost to serve, became more important than the service itself. 

It led them to make the decision to go at it alone. To create a practice where they could preserve and prioritise the importance of the client-advisor relationship, be true partners to their clients and enjoy long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, commitment, and impact. 

Over the last decade, their shared values, respect and genuine 'like' for one another have allowed them to realise this vision and build on it.

People and relationships are our priority

We’d been financially secure for some time and managing our own investments for a while. We wanted to engage a partner – but finding someone you trust to hand your life savings to is a big thing… 
Eventually, we met Tim. We were attracted to his attitude and approach. We liked the less clients, better service ethos and investment structure and trusted they’d do what’s best by us, rather than by them. 
Eight years on, we know we know we made the right choice. We have a true partner we trust.

Roland & Ginni | Clients since 2014

Call us on 03 9982 1871 to explore the possibilities Townsend Cobain Private Wealth Management offers

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